Branding Strategy: How Can Brand Image Outsell Brand Identity

Guest post by Donna Estrada: Every company needs to have a brand that helps them to be remembered by the target audience. Your brand is one of the aspects that makes you different from companies that compete with you. There are two types of branding strategy: brand image and brand identity. The difference between these two […]

SEO - tips for 2018
18 SEO Practices for 2018: 11 “DOs” and 7 “DON’Ts”

In this guide, you will find some important SEO practices you should apply along with some “don’ts” to get your website ready for the next year. WHAT TO DO:

1. “DO” Target Long-Tail Keywords with Long-Form Content

Rand Fishkin once stated that long-tail keywords account for nearly 70% of all queries that people put in Google. Moreover,

4 Questions To Ask Before A Marketing Campaign Launch

If you have a marketing campaign to launch, it is always best to ask yourself a few fundamental questions before going live. Let’s look at some of these below:

Do’s and Don’ts of Promotional Competitions

If you scrolled through your social media newsfeeds today, you will probably have come across some sort of promotional competition. From road trips to granola, performance-enhancing Christmas hampers to formal dresses, the internet is rife with companies giving away free products and services in return for precious likes, follows and general publicity. It’s a common […]

10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Own Marketing Business

Guest post by Hannah Browne: There are many risks involved with starting up a business, particularly in marketing where the competition is already very high. Before investing your money, or taking out a loan, make sure you have followed these steps so that you are prepared to make it a success. Decide on your area […]

Beat Your Competitors Online: A Guide to Keyword Research Tactics

Guest post by Helen Stark: Most of today’s business battles are taking place online, as websites have become the most vital place for communication with consumers. Millennials, who mostly use the Internet for their research of goods and services, also impact the way businesses represent themselves online. This is good news. The bad news is […]

7 Do’s and Don’ts of Email Signature Marketing

Guest post by Madhan Raj: Did you know that every single day, approximately 144.8 billion emails are exchanged? This creates an obvious opportunity to increase your marketing ROI with an impactful email signature. You may think nobody even notices an email signature but the smartest online entrepreneurs will tell you otherwise. The infographic and blog post […]

Marketing Opt-ins 101: Why Are They Good for Business?

Guest post by Catherine vanVonno:

What makes people subscribe to one newsletter while marking another as spam? How do some marketers close a sale while others just encounter prospects who hang up? The contributing factors could be as common as lack of interest and ineffective sales pitching or as specific as a prospect’s personal circumstances. Yet, marketing opt-ins could play an important role in spelling the difference between a sale and a miss.

Tips for Leading More Successful Marketing Campaigns

One of the toughest tasks for marketing managers is going through the process of leading a marketing campaign. There is a popular saying that ‘to succeed, you must fail first’ – but in the world of business, getting the chance to recover from a failure is quite rare. To ensure you don’t face failure, take a look at these tips, which will help you lead more successful marketing campaigns.

Why More B2B Marketers Are Choosing SMS Marketing to Engage with Customers

Guest post by Danish Wadhwa: As more purchases are being driven by trusted rankings, reviews and recommendations, businesses have identified engaging with customers as key to achieving organizational goals. At present, there are various mediums that can drive customer engagement and loyalty, such as email marketing and social media. However, the one communication channel which […]