Five Ways to Boost the Creativity of Your Marketing Team

Guest post by Logan R. Grayson: 

Creativity is to marketing what electricity is to a light bulb. While there are still arguments over the roots of creative thinking, it has been proven that businesses can encourage creativity and boost it with some interesting solutions:

1. Avoid Dead-Ends

We all know how important marketing is for every business. Advertisements, infographics and promotional campaigns all contribute to the success of a business and its products. Marketing teams are often under the highest amount of pressure in many companies. If there is a quality product that does not get proper placement on the market, the marketing team will be held responsible. And sooner or later every individual who works under pressure comes to a dead end and needs a restart.

2. Take Frequent Vacations

Managers of traditional businesses, such as factories, still fail to understand that leisure serves as an incubator for breeding fresh ideas. New companies, however, have realized this fact and team leaders often encourage their workers to use all their vacation days. A worn-out and tired marketing manager will be less efficient, which will in the end cost a business more money in lost revenue potential. When it comes to marketing strategists, their tasks can be approached in many ways, which include working from home from time to time or spending a few weeks on vacation, but still working a couple of hours a day. In this article published by CNN you can read more about the benefits of frequent vacations.

3. Create Joint Efforts

One of the most efficient ways of giving your marketing team a back wind in creativity terms is having them do something together, but outside the work premises. For instance, if you are a manager, you could send your marketing team members to join their colleagues from other companies at business conferences, where they could hang out, spend time together and share ideas. It will give all of them an insight how other marketers live and think which might in turn yield new, original ideas.

4. Implement Workspace Innovations

We have already mentioned the traditional work-until-you-drop-dead strategies. Today, these are increasingly being abandoned, and not only when it comes to issue of holidays and home-working. Modern companies spend a lot of money on surveys and research about what their workers want and like. Their findings have shown that employees are more efficient if they work in a relaxed atmosphere. For instance, Google uses the most unusual spaces for their work premises, which seems to really ignite their workers’ creativity.  So, why not try to make your offices look original and worker-friendly and not like the ones in the 1980s yuppie movies.

5. Set Up Gaming & Relaxation Room(s)

Both younger and older workers like playing games. In order to give your employees an original incentive, you could turn one of the offices into a games room. You could install a table tennis table and lazy bags there. If there are lazy bags there, they have to be accompanied by leg rests and coffee tables, as well. Also, you could install a couple of powerful gaming laptops and encourage your workers to let off steam and pent up work frustrations during their breaks. All those items will help them clear their heads and come up with new ideas that will push your business to the top.

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No matter whether your business sells data or sets up dates, it is clear that creative moments can be generated through a relaxed management approach. The more freedom and fun your workers have during their (flexible) breaks, the better your overall business results will be.

About the author: Logan R. Grayson spent part of his life keeping up with the latest developments in marketing, online writing and technology trends in general. In his spare time he enjoys reading comics and walking his dog, Speck. Connect with Logan on TwitterGoogle+ or Facebook.

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