Do You Know the Best Times to Send Email Campaigns?

Guest post by Lily Robinson: Well thought-out email marketing campaigns deliver the biggest benefit, especially when compared with more conventional forms of marketing, such as trade shows and direct mail, but also when contrasted with more on-trend tactics such as social media and banner advertising. Being the quickest source of communication among business-to-business campaigns as well as business-to-consumers campaigns, email marketing is known to drive improvements in return on investment and metrics pertaining to customer engagement. To reap the benefits, expert email marketers need to figure out what to send, who to send it to, and when to send it.

This post  focuses on the best times to send email marketing campaigns for maximum impact.


clock-146250_1280One of the most overlooked factors when planning an email campaign that can either build your success or completely kill it is the timing of these types of campaigns. Email marketing, if executed at the right time to the right people using the right tools, can create a huge positive impact on your brand image and success. Therefore, here are a few tips to ponder over whilst drawing out a deployment plan for your next email marketing campaign:

    1. The best time to send event related emails – One important factor to be noted when sending out your emails is that a large number of people will definitely receive the emails, however, not everyone is going to actually read them. Sending out emails related to your event should be well planned out before-hand because what should not happen is that by the time you plan and execute your campaign the event is close to being over. You should create a hype months before the event is to happen so as to generate that enthusiasm or whatever emotion it is that you wish to see from your audience. Do not send out these emails as long as say 6 months before the event because then reminders just become irritating.
    2. The best time to send out a generic email – Most of your target market, whether it is business professionals or teenagers, will check their email twice in a day at these definite times – once in the early morning around 8am to 9am and second just before they hit the bed that is around 10pm to 12am. Try to send out important messages during these times as your customers will be free to look around emails other than those related to work etc.
    3. The best mails to send out at weekends – Promotional emails are known to receive higher response rates usually when sent out on weekends. Customers who are free during weekends are willing to try out promotional offers, sales etc. So, sending out your promotional emails during weekends will turn the best returns.
    4. The best emails to send out during night time – Most of the younger generation, often regarded as Gen Y, will view their emails using their mobile devices late at night. Therefore, night time emails should contain messages and information catering to these age groups.
    5. The best email to send out Mid-week and Mid-day – These timings range from lunch time to around 3pm when customers are again free to look at their emails. Usually, email newsletters  receive greater response or viewership rates at these times than any other type of email marketing.


It is often a good practice to track the progress of your email marketing campaigns by looking at historical records and comparing them to the most recent ones and then rolling out a well-devised plan to time your email campaigns according to the changing times. Another important factor to consider is to make note of time zone difference in different parts of the world. Also, chained to the latter is the fact that weekends are not celebrated on the same days throughout the globe.

Digitally available footprints of customers now provides automatically calculated metrics in terms of tracking the progress of your campaigns. It is really how you, as marketers, will make use of this heap of information available to cater to the success of your campaign.


Many companies looking to expand their customer base find it convenient and effective to receive or purchase significant customer related information through various email list brokers who offer their services via the World Wide Web. Impact Lists is one such source that offers the purchase of email, phone, and other contact related information for clients according to their requirements. Tried and tested email lists of individuals who have consented to receive email offers enable today’s marketers to target their campaigns more carefully, and increase the return on their email marketing investment. Thanks to email lists, marketing automation tools and a wealth of email marketing metrics, good email marketing has never been easier to execute.


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Author Biography: Lily Robinson
Lily Robinson
Lily works as Content Strategist at Impact Lists, the quality marketing lists provider company based in Australia. Writing is one of her passions. She is devoted to trending technologies in the market. With her good aesthetic sense she keeps on exploring about email list brokers.

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