How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate: 3 Simple Hacks

Guest post by Maher Abiad:

When it comes to online marketing, website traffic numbers are becoming less important.  We already know that billboards and print ads are losing advertising value because we’re busy looking at our phones 95% of the time, but there’s no point reallocating your advertising budget to get more website traffic if your web visitors are not opting into your list or buying your products.

The metric you need to focus on when it comes to online marketing is your conversion rate.

First things first, you need to know what your numbers are, and your current state.  Begin to define what a conversion on your website is, be that an email newsletter subscription, purchase, or some other direct action that will allow you to maintain a relationship with this website visitor.

To find out your conversion rate, simply divide the number of conversions by the number of visitors you get on your website:

Website conversion formula

Here are three ways to start increasing your online conversion rate today:

1. The Multi-Landing Page Approach

Instead of trying to create a catch-all text and keyword-heavy landing page to direct all your web traffic to, use multiple, niche-focused landing pages to increase conversions.

Create landing pages featuring the exact phrases that your customers are searching for in Google so that they come to your page, knowing you have the answer to their questions.

Once they’ve landed, continue this marketing strategy by offering additional specific content and products to take them deeper into your sites. Ebooks, free trials, and how-to videos are great ways to engage your potential customers.

2. Mobile Optimization

Losing customers because your interface looks bad on a mobile device or a different browser is a problem you can easily solve.  Optimizing for mobile can include things such as making the website responsive, as well as making sure landing pages, ads and content are all mobile-specific.

In 2016, it is predicted that the number of smartphone users will surpass two billion, a staggering statistic that directly affects marketing trends.

Businesses must create unique mobile-friendly landing pages designed with mobile users in mind and consider how users will interact with your site; more scrolling and swiping and less clicking.

3. Above The Fold Call To Action

This is a myth!  The secret to getting a higher conversion rate does not have to do with a button that is above the fold or not, but more to do with where that button is relative to the correct amount of great copy.

fish-304097_1280You just need to place your call to action at the right spot at which time your visitor has become primed to take on a particular action.

Clearly define who your clients are and at what point in your page and your copy they will be ready to take action.  Put your button or subscription box here.

Google Analytics‘ free account gives you all the information you need to know exactly what your conversion rates are now.

Start by looking at your web pages that are getting traffic but not getting actions by visitors.  Apply these changes, and you’ll be able to monitor if it directly affects your conversion rates or not.

Stop guessing what your visitors are doing.  If you want deeper information on your customer’s experience on your website, use a tool like FullStory or Mouseflow to watch the entire screen flow and heat maps for an understanding of how you can improve.

Improving conversion rates come down to one simple quote by Robin Sharma, “What gets measured, gets improved”.

About the author:

Maher Abiad[1]

Maher Abiad has been in digital media and marketing since 2000. He runs his online marking agency named 3Seven7 Studios which helps businesses tells their stories and grow their audience through digital media marketing.


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