Top 5 Ways to Build Quality Links With #SocialMedia Marketing

Guest post by Brandon Graves:

Inbound links are paramount to improving SEO performance, boosting brand exposure and generating traffic. Experts have long been using social media for link building. Social networks can double-up as SEO boosters and people connectors. If you know how to use social media correctly, it can earn you high-quality backlinks and enhance the authority of your website significantly. In this post, we will look at some of the best ways to generate good backlinks using social media.


1) Include links in your social profile

Some think that because links from social media platforms are unfollowed, social media is useless for SEO. However, you can’t ignore it as social media offer social signals and traffic to your website from the links in the news feed. What you can do to get traffic from social platforms is:

  • On Facebook, add the link to your website in the Website field under Contact info on the “About” tab. Also, add your website’s URL every time you post something.
  • On LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, follow the same technique and add your website’s URL in all of your posts, tweets, or stories.

2) Find niche bloggers

You might be aware of guest blogging, which is an incredible way to build links to your website. You approach a number of people relevant to your industry who are known for their good content and get a permission to write a guest post on their website or blog. Outreach isn’t as easy as it sounds; sometimes it takes months, with only a small percentage of bloggers accepting your request. Social media is what makes things easier for you by simplifying your connecting strategy, thus improving your outcome probability. Find famous bloggers in your niche; approach them on social media; interact with them on a regular basis; spend some time engaging with their content, and you will have better chances to receive a positive reply to your request.

3) Target your content correctly

Content doesn’t need an introduction when it comes to the ways to optimize your website. Good content can do wonders for your traffic from a single post. However, you need to place that content before the right people. Guest Posting is one of the ways to do that. Other ways are

  • Post your blogs on YouTube and Instagram.
  • Share your stats and comparative content on Pinterest and Facebook.
  • Write your company’s short stories on LinkedIn.
  • Trends, updates, and short news should go on Twitter.

Find the right platform to target your audience, and approach them with the right content.

4) Ask questions or run contests

If you have noticed, you might find that some people create polls and contests on Facebook’s platform, which get amazing engagement. You can also create such content using Facebook; however, again, the content should be relevant to the people you are targeting. Creating a contest or simply asking questions with their optional answers can get a huge audience for your post. Not everyone is going to link to your website’s link, but some will definitely do, and that is the point of creating polls in the first place.

5) Leverage search trends

Searches change with time. The current happenings, trends, etc., affect them. The point is to keep customizing your SEO keywords to fit the search terms that are on trend and that are being used most. There are tools like Google Trends that you can use to track trending topics. You can then use Adwords to choose keywords by cross-referring them. Then, place those keywords carefully in your social media posts. If you know how to keep up with the trend, you can attract people and build an engaged following on your social media pages. Because social media shares are high-quality links generated from your website, every time there is search engine query run on the keyword, your social media page will be among the top searches.

Wrapping Up

Social media has become important for not only people but for businesses. It has become an indispensable means to reach out to a targeted audience as well as for link building. Businesses that have entered the space already have started to get real traction from social media platforms. Besides, social networks have provided new ways to connect with top influencers in the same niche.

SEO and social media are closely related, but for only those, who know how to work both of them.

About the author:

Brandon Graves is a WordPress professional working with a HireWPGeeks in the USA. He has a great passion for writing about WordPress related topics like how to convert static html to the perfect WordPress website, CMS customization tips, email marketing optimization, SEO analysis for website etc. You can follow him Facebook for more updates.

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