3 digital marketing strategies that can reach nearby customers

Let’s face it, only a small chunk of businesses actually cater to a global (or even national) market. The majority of businesses serve their respective locality. So even if digital marketers and marketing gurus tell you to optimize your webpage, social media, emails, and other digital marketing efforts, all those are wasted if your business fails to reach or target local prospects near you.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to abandon digital marketing altogether and rely on local advertising instead. Your local customers are still spending a lot of their time on Facebook, Instagram, and other online platforms.

Google also admits that “near me” searches have increased to 500% in search volume over the past year. So how can you effectively attract customers within your locality? Here are 3 solid digital marketing strategies:

1. Attract More searchers with Google Location Extensions on PPC Ads.

A location extension on Google’s PPC ads allows you to show more information about your business location and contact information. This helps searchers find you and contact you easily. When users know where you are and how to contact you, it encourages them to act right away and reach your business!

2. Advertise on apps.

Users are not always on Google or social media, most people also use apps and play games on mobile. A recent study shows that the majority of mobile users spend their time on games and apps for over 90% of the time.


So if you want to promote your business, you have to be where your customers are – so in-app advertising is the key! Geofencing helps target customers who are nearby, and you can even promote real-time offers to entice them.

3. Optimize your Google My Business Listing to be found on Google Maps.

You don’t always have to pay for ads when it comes to digital marketing, you can also optimize your pages for free! Make sure you fill out all your business details on Google’s My Business Listing, and locate your shop on Google Maps. Doing this will help potential customers find you or contact you more easily when they do a quick search.

These digital marketing strategies involve page optimization and establishing a mobile presence. Remember that people also check out a lot of stuff with their mobile phones nowadays. So aside from optimizing your business for desktop users, it is important to include the use of mobile devices in your current digital marketing strategy!

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