Digital marketing for law firms: Five key elements

Professional services, and particularly the legal sector, is an industry notoriously slow to change. That explains why so many law firms still grapple with how to build a successful digital marketing program, when digital marketing has become the norm in almost every other industry. Face-to-face events and relationship-building have long been the norm for legal marketing and business development professionals. Well, Covid-19 changed all this very fast, so now it’s high-time for law firms to embrace the key elements of successful digital marketing. We’ll give you a whistle-stop tour below:

  1. Efficient use of SEO
    How to improve your website traffic on a budget

    Search engine optimization plays an important role in your arsenal of successful internet marketing strategies. It’s basically the process of optimizing your website with the best content in such a way that it makes your website rank higher on search engines. A well-optimized website will pop up on top whenever your clients and prospects search for the service or products you are providing. It’s crucial to invest in SEO not just to reach potential new clients but also to demonstrate thought leadership in your area of expertise to existing clients. SEO is the central element of your digital marketing strategy and draws on many other elements, such as the design of your website and high-quality content, including blogs, images, videos etc.
  2. Design your website
    One of the most important yet overlooked elements for successful internet marketing is having an attractive and engaging website.
    Well, it’s in our human nature to be attracted to beautiful and impressive visuals.  User will quickly pass judgment by visiting your website – if the site looks outdated,  is difficult to navigate and and contains difficult-to-read-text, it’ll negatively affect your brand, and you’ll lose visitors, and potentially clients, too. The point is: an attractive and effective website is very important for successful internet marketing.
  3. Publishing high-quality content on your website
    Designing your website is not enough, especially when it comes to engaging website visitors for a longer period.This can only be done through informative content and the referred context a particular user is seeking. This compelling content is equally important to convince your visitors that you are efficient and proficient when it comes to their legal matters.
  4. Conversion of your clientele
    Now you have good traffic to your website. However, it is really important to have an equally great conversion rate and for that, you need to connect with your potential clients. You can achieve this through a web form, inquiry form, or via email. These elements are quite essential in order to implement successful internet marketing for any law firm. After al, you don’t put all that effort into creating great content and a great website just for the sake of it. The end game needs to be make a connection with your audience. Now that they have read why they should choose your firm for services, and what makes you different from your competitors, you need to prompt visitors to request contact and provide their details so you can connect directly. These inbound enquiries from ‘hot leads’ will boost your book of business distinctly, as these are clients actively looking for a lawyer, and they have already shortlisted you based on extensive information on your website.
  5. Web Analytics
    Each piece is now in its place, but it is equally essential to understand and monitor the behavior of your website visitors. Not only monitoring the site but knowing how many new visitors you have on a regular basis and what changes have a great impact on the cycle of users visiting your website will allow you to optimize your digital marketing and keep at the top of your game – and at the top of those search engine page results!

 Law firms do require digital marketing strategies, just like any other industry. What will set your law firm apart from its competitors is the design of your website, combined with the quality of your search engine-optimised content, and your ability to get to know and connect with your (potential) clients via your website. At a time when business conferences and client meetings happen less frequently and on a smaller scale, it’s imperative to invest in your online presence to ensure you keep front of your clients’ minds.

About the author:
Dan ToombsDan Toombs is an experienced lawyer and the founder/director of Fast Firms. He is the winner of multiple awards and equips you with some of the best SEO services for law firms which includes law firm marketing and legal marketing.

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