For All Marketo Users: 6 reasons Why You Need to Have Your Platform Audited

If you have been using Marketo for some time now and don’t seem to enjoy all the advantages, you might think there must be a problem with the platform’s integration. Or, perhaps, it might be insufficient knowledge and skills on your part to make the most of it. Either way, performing an audit is more than necessary. 

Marketo is a platform that processes a whole lot of data, but only if it’ s appropriately managed. It’s supposed to automate your marketing campaigns, bring you more qualified leads, ease your customers on their customer journey, and increase your sales. If it’s not bringing you these results, it’s time for an audit. ASAP. Here are 6 reasons why.

1.    Understand Your Marketo Maturity Curve Level

The Marketo maturity curve is a scale that shows your level of understanding and usage of the marketing automation platform. The Marketo audit will precisely pinpoint how well you use Marketo and what can you do better to advance further on the scale. As you can see in the illustration below, There are four levels on the Marketing Maturity Curve:

  • Level 1: Point in Time, Single Channel Campaigns
  • Level 2: Personalised, Automated Campaigns
  • Level 3: Scalable, Strategic Engagement
  • Level 4: Lifelong Relationships, Across Multiple Channels

In all levels, you will discover your business competency, marketing competency, and strategic value. 

2.    Improve the Use of Your Current Licence

With the Marketo audit, you will gain insights into how you can reduce your Marketo licence fee and improve its use. For example, you will get a roadmap of the marketing plans for the upcoming period. Your data will also be checked and made into an action plan that consists of its proper handling. If necessary, you will be advised to deduplicate your Marketo database so that you can improve the CRM maintenance and avoid backend system integration errors. 

3.    Learn whether You Need further Marketo Training

Based on your level on the Marketo maturity curve, you can get advice on whether you need to up-skill your team. This can be done by the experts recommending you which Marketo training you or your teammates need to take to become a Marketo Certified Expert. If you are a beginner, you will learn the fundamentals of Marketo campaigns. If you are an experienced Marketo user, you will get the opportunity to learn the best practices that unlock the platform’s full potential.

4.    Understand How to Utilise the Marketo platform Best

With the audit, you can go deeper in understanding the features and be able to personalise the shopping experiences of the buyers, optimise your content, and measure business impact across every channel.

5.    Get a Review of the Technical Configuration and Integration

The technical configuration and integration of the Marketo platform is the basis for successful utilisation. To check whether everything is done correctly, you need an expert review of the whole process and ensure there are no mistakes. If there are mistakes, they will give you suggestions on fixing them or fix them themselves. 

6.    Get a Clear Overview of Your Campaign Performance

Are you making or losing money with your marketing campaigns? With the audit, you will get the answers, especially if you wonder how well your ROI process is developing. 

In a nutshell

Marketo users have lots of advantages in their hands. Adobe opens its market and exposes the Marketo Engage users to its most prominent clients. However, this might not make a difference if you don’t know how to utilise the platform and take everything it puts on your table. For that purpose, getting an audit of your Marketo platform is the most reasonable thing to do. It should be carried out by a certified professional, and it should give you the reasons for failure and the recommendations to fix the errors. 

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