8 Tips to get your digital marketing career off to a running start

In a digitalised world, choosing a digital marketing puts you right at the centre of action. Digital marketing can be described as advertising or delivering marketing information with the help of digital mediums such as social media, emails, website, search engines, mobile apps. With the help of digital marketing, businesses can grow their sales and delight their customers. But while digital marketing is a rapidly growing and exciting field, it can be a challenging industry to get into, as it attracts a lot of the brightest minds, so competition is high. If you want to get into digital marketing or kickstart your successful digital marketing career, we believe these are some of the best steps to accelerate your career:

1. Never stop learning and exploring

This is one of the most important career principles in the field of digital marketing. In such a rapidly growing, evolving industry, you have to constantly expand your knowledge to stay on top of the latest innovations and emerging technologies. If you want to be at the top of all the major search engines, you need maintain a vast knowledge about your field and the latest releases and updates. Having deep knowledge about a particular topic will never go in vain and will only benefit you.

2. Practice more to become skilled

You should have a basic knowledge of digital marketing to specialise your skills on a particular topic. You should select a few skills in which you can develop vast knowledge.

So once you have gained a solid grounding in digital marketing, you may want to gainer deeper knowledge in one of the sub-disciplines of digital marketing, such as:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

3. Knowledge of different languages

If you want to expand your career in digital marketing and website marketing strategy,┬áthen you should learn the lingo. This is necessary because many specialist terms are used in the industry of digital marketing. Your particular specialism could contain terms that sound like they are parts of a foreign language! While most people know the meaning of bounce rates and content that’s “below the fold”, not as many people know that a favicon is a very small icon displayed in the address bar of a website, next to the web address!

And if you have deep knowledge of an actual foreign language, this could set you apart when it comes to creating search engine-optimised content to support the content marketing strategy of a multi-national company.

4. Hobnob is necessary

Creating strong network and relationships can be rocket fuel to a successful digital marketing career. Increase your productivity and your potential by surrounding yourself with talented gurus and like-minded individuals. These mentors can help you to motivate and challenge yourself.

5. Experience matters

If you want to get hired by a multi-national company, or one of the leading big brand agencies, then it is important to step out of your comfort zone to to build your experience and get some projects for your portfolio. For example, you could work for your family or local businesses at a discounted price to develop experience. This can be a solid way to develop your base and your skills. Your bundle of knowledge will eventually lead you to a successful digital marketing manager career.

6. It’s time to build your own label

You might have heard about a brand or label for a particular company. But what about your own personal brand? You can boost your digital marketing career by working on creating a personal brand. How? Just like you would when creating a corporate brand? You would map your strengths and weaknesses and define where you want to go, and how you want to be perceived, and then create a narrative that creates a credible storyline elevating their credibility supporting that move. You can use your LinkedIn profile, fun or professional headshots to go with your persona, tone of voice as well as colours to support your own personal brand.

7. Testimonials are a must

If you want to stand out in the digital marketing industry then, then good client endorsements and testimonials can really make a difference to your ability to get that promotion or that new contract. After all, nothing proves that you can deliver the goods like a happy customer raving about your work. And if you are a freelance or work for a small to medium size business, be sure to ask your clients to rate you on Google reviews. Not only will it boost your credibility and bring more enquiries your way, but it’s also great for your local SEO.

8. Base of your foundation

This is the last and final step that will lead you to a successful digital marketing career. While a great digital marketing background will give you the opportunity to work in many different industries and geographical areas, put some thought into where you want to go in the longer term to determine the right starting place. Do you see yourself working for a large global agency, working on FMCG or designing a new social media campaign for Tesla? Then don’t spend the first five years of your career working for a law firm. It will still be possible to reach your career goal, but it’s not the most likely starting place. Equally, when you interview, be sure to ask your potential employer about learning opportunities and the chance to work on different types of digital marketing, to make sure you get some great experience under your belt.


We have included eight of the most important points which you can use to map a successful digital marketing career. Digital marketing needs a lot of patience and hard work, but clever planning will help you get to the top of the ladder (or wherever else you want to be) with less effort and without getting sidetracked.

About the author :

Rohit Jangid is an SEO executive at commino, where he works on inbound marketing strategy and handles projects related to SEO, SMO, and email marketing.

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