Marketing Leadership

Tips for Leading More Successful Marketing Campaigns

One of the toughest tasks for marketing managers is going through the process of leading a marketing campaign. There is a popular saying that ‘to succeed, you must fail first’ – but in the world of business, getting the chance to recover from a failure is quite rare. To ensure you don’t face failure, take a look at these tips, which will help you lead more successful marketing campaigns.

Still relying on salespeople for insight? Make win-loss analysis part of your B2B marketing plan

Do many of your sales deals get disqualified because the potential buyer’s budget won’t stretch or your product is a poor fit for their needs? Many marketing and sales teams don’t know and the search for an answer quickly descends into blame-shifting: Marketing won’t admit to generating unqualified leads, salespeople won’t confess to over-promising and […]

How social media is disrupting the news industry & how product marketers should react

The trend for consumers to co-create news content is disrupting the news publishing industry. Instead of seeing it as a threat, marketers in the publishing industry ought to strategically embrace social technologies and explore their potential for current and future news production.

Boost your marketing team's creativity
Five Ways to Boost the Creativity of Your Marketing Team

Guest post by Logan R. Grayson:  Creativity is to marketing what electricity is to a light bulb. While there are still arguments over the roots of creative thinking, it has been proven that businesses can encourage creativity and boost it with some interesting solutions: 1. Avoid Dead-Ends We all know how important marketing is for […]