Top Trends for Web Push Notifications

Guest post by Christina Alex: Forcing your users to download an application just so that you can send a notification to promote your brand is becoming a thing of the past. The current E-commerce marketing craze is to send a browser-enabled web push notification. Why is it currently trending? Well, mainly because these are sent from […]

Still relying on salespeople for insight? Make win-loss analysis part of your B2B marketing plan

Do many of your sales deals get disqualified because the potential buyer’s budget won’t stretch or your product is a poor fit for their needs? Many marketing and sales teams don’t know and the search for an answer quickly descends into blame-shifting: Marketing won’t admit to generating unqualified leads, salespeople won’t confess to over-promising and […]

5 Forms Of Marketing You May Be Overlooking: Awards, Contests and more

Guest post by Amy Boyington: It seems that businesses are so focused on hitting it big in social media or creating a viral blog that they’re missing out on other incredible marketing opportunities that work just as well – if not better. These marketing opportunities are awesome, and you’ve probably overlooked them. It’s time to start […]

Four Creative Ways to Market Your Business On A Budget:From Merchandise to Social Media

What is a good way of promoting your business on a limited budget? Here are some low-cost and effective ways to advertise your business and attract customers.

Poll: Which B2B marketing projects will be outsourced in 2017?

Win/loss analysis, customer satisfaction survey, GtM kits: These leftover items on your 2016 to-do list were carried over from 2015, and you already know that hiring freezes and stretched internal resources mean you may not get around to some of these strategic but time-consuming projects in 2017…

How Web Push Notifications can help drive sales and marketing ROI for e-commerce

Web push notifications are a great new marketing channel to help re-engage your site visitors. This article discusses what web push notifications are and how you can build personalized engagements with users and encourage them to move to the next stage in the purchase cycle.

How social media is disrupting the news industry & how product marketers should react

The trend for consumers to co-create news content is disrupting the news publishing industry. Instead of seeing it as a threat, marketers in the publishing industry ought to strategically embrace social technologies and explore their potential for current and future news production.

The Role of Product Quality and Versatility in Customer Retention

Every business sets out to be successful, but with today’s changing market conditions and demands, retaining customers and achieving overall success is more difficult than ever. So how can companies use their product features to achieve increased customer retention rates and inbound sales enquiries? A seasoned business manager shares his secrets:

How to Create and Maintain Brand Loyalty with Digital Marketing

If buyers only looked for the most affordable offers from the biggest brand names, small to medium size enterprises could never compete against major corporations. Luckily, there is much more to customer acquisition and retention than prices and advertising spend. In fact, sentiment, personal emotion and brand loyalty can play a key part in ensuring your company’s success. The trick for SMEs is how to create and maintain brand loyalty on a comparatively small budget. Here are a few tips on how to use your digital marketing to foster and nourish brand loyalty.

Social Media Automation: Five Rules B2B Marketers Must Follow

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of automating social media content but are slightly scared by the horror stories of social media automation gone wrong, these rules should help you avoid catastrophe: