From Product Marketing to Content Marketing
Pushy Product Promotions Perform Poorly with Prospects: From Product Marketing to Content #Marketing

Prospects have no interest in new product releases and incremental improvements in functionality they are not currently using. But how can you persuade your company to move from product marketing to content marketing? Read on to find out…

Customers are tired of pointless rebranding. How to deliver customer-based brand equity

With industry giants like Google and Verizon jumping on the rebranding bandwagon, the question is: Does rebranding ever deliver value? Do customers care? In an era where technology can be easily copied, your brand has become more important to differentiating your products from those of your competitors. The Google brand, for example, is worth an estimated $65.6 billion, according to Forbes. Yet Google’s rebrand is mainly a reflection of internal restructuring and the new logo an example of the sort of bland redesign that probably cost hundreds of thousands but left customers wondering: Why did they bother? Yet it is possible to develop brands in a customer-focused way that inspires lasting partiality both among current and future customers.

4 Seasons of B2B Marketing
The Four Seasons of B2B Marketing – Why Marketing is a bit like Farming

Everyone knows that unlike b2c, b2b marketing has no seasonality, right? Wrong! Here’s the proof:

How to improve your website traffic on a budget

Guest post by Logan R. Grayson: From industry giants to fledgling startups, everyone is focusing on online marketing, but how can companies on a small budget get the most out of the tools the web has blessed us with? Traditional online traffic strategies like link-building pay off, but require patience and money in your pockets. A lot of small businesses have no marketing budget […]

New Product Launch
Quick Marketing Tips for Launching a New Product

Guest post by Zoe Anderson: The launch of a new product is always an exciting time for any business – and one that can be filled with doubt and stress if not carried out the right way. So you’ve studied your audience and found out what they really want or need. Now the only thing left […]

SEO and User Experience
SEO: Why topics are more effective than keywords

SEO: Why topics are more effective than keywords Guest post by Jeric Cantil: The last four years have seen significant shifts in  Search Engine Optimization, especially with the release of Google Penguin in 2012. Today, topics are more valuable than keywords and should be the main focal point of content. Although keywords still have value, […]

Boost your marketing team's creativity
Five Ways to Boost the Creativity of Your Marketing Team

Guest post by Logan R. Grayson:  Creativity is to marketing what electricity is to a light bulb. While there are still arguments over the roots of creative thinking, it has been proven that businesses can encourage creativity and boost it with some interesting solutions: 1. Avoid Dead-Ends We all know how important marketing is for […]

The bitter truth about successful inbound marketing

In the battle of inbound vs outbound marketing, inbound is winning, if you believe the headlines.  Let’s dig deeper though and uncover some surprising truths about inbound marketing success. But first of all, we’ll define what we mean by inbound marketing: Inbound marketing is all about pull tactics – rather than pushing out campaign after […]

Logan R. Grayson
Flying colors of your business

Guest post by Logan R. Grayson Whether or not your business will become successful is determined by numerous factors, many of which are outside your control. But business owners and managers can still do a lot to give their businesses a better chance to prosper. One of those decisions is choosing the range of colors […]

Marketing is from Mars, Product Managers are from Pluto

A Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting What You Need to Launch Products Successfully The relationship between product management and marketing is not always a happy one. Although the two teams need to work closely as part of the Go-to-Market (GtM) plan, confusion over responsibilities and priorities can cause disconnects which can see products […]