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Poll: Which B2B marketing projects will be outsourced in 2017?

Win/loss analysis, customer satisfaction survey, GtM kits: These leftover items on your 2016 to-do list were carried over from 2015, and you already know that hiring freezes and stretched internal resources mean you may not get around to some of these strategic but time-consuming projects in 2017…

6 Habits That Will Make a Difference To Your Content Marketing

n insatiable demand for content appears to be all the rage these days. But you can’t figure out if the content you’re providing is actually what they’re asking for? If that’s not enough, you’re flummoxed to see the plethora of content that’s already on the web, making you wonder if your content is going to matter at all, or if the right people will even see it? Owing to all these predicaments, marketers have started carefully mapping their content marketing to their business plans. Still, it’s one thing to have a plan, and another to apply it. Where is the solution to be found? Delineated in this article are the must have six content marketing habits that are sure to help you increase traffic and get you better return on investment. Read on to gain an expert insight on B2B content marketing.

Five Basic Rules for Creating Better #B2B Video Content #Marketing Assets

Is your company one of the 50% percent of companies that are already using video content? Great! But are your clips effective sales tools, or are they boring infomercials? You know it’s the latter if they get very few shares, are only watched a couple hundred times, and most viewers quit before they are even halfway through. If you want to create strong video content that will attract a large amount of traffic, improve your search ranking positions and help you become more successful online, you need to know the five basic rules for appealing to a more sophisticated and cynical set of B2B buyers…

From Product Marketing to Content Marketing
Pushy Product Promotions Perform Poorly with Prospects: From Product Marketing to Content #Marketing

Prospects have no interest in new product releases and incremental improvements in functionality they are not currently using. But how can you persuade your company to move from product marketing to content marketing? Read on to find out…

SEO and User Experience
SEO: Why topics are more effective than keywords

SEO: Why topics are more effective than keywords Guest post by Jeric Cantil: The last four years have seen significant shifts in  Search Engine Optimization, especially with the release of Google Penguin in 2012. Today, topics are more valuable than keywords and should be the main focal point of content. Although keywords still have value, […]

The bitter truth about successful inbound marketing

In the battle of inbound vs outbound marketing, inbound is winning, if you believe the headlines.  Let’s dig deeper though and uncover some surprising truths about inbound marketing success. But first of all, we’ll define what we mean by inbound marketing: Inbound marketing is all about pull tactics – rather than pushing out campaign after […]

IF poem by All About Good Marketing
Read this IF you want to be a great marketer…

Read the original by Rudyard Kipling here.

B2B Content Marketing Topics
Struggling to juggle your B2B content marketing? From product priorities to customer-centric content

The sales rep wants more factsheets, the SEO specialist is asking for updated website copy, the communications team is chasing you for that blog you promised – the stream of demands for new marketing content never seems to slow down. But with so many projects to juggle, content marketers are failing to prioritize and focus […]