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Branding Strategy: How Can Brand Image Outsell Brand Identity

Guest post by Donna Estrada: Every company needs to have a brand that helps them to be remembered by the target audience. Your brand is one of the aspects that makes you different from companies that compete with you. There are two types of branding strategy: brand image and brand identity. The difference between these two […]

How to Create and Maintain Brand Loyalty with Digital Marketing

If buyers only looked for the most affordable offers from the biggest brand names, small to medium size enterprises could never compete against major corporations. Luckily, there is much more to customer acquisition and retention than prices and advertising spend. In fact, sentiment, personal emotion and brand loyalty can play a key part in ensuring your company’s success. The trick for SMEs is how to create and maintain brand loyalty on a comparatively small budget. Here are a few tips on how to use your digital marketing to foster and nourish brand loyalty.

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How to Use Mobile Marketing to Connect with Customers

Bad news: Today’s customer is constantly on the move, which creates new marketing challenges. Good news: Today’s on-the-go customer is always reachable! If you’re considering a new way to generate direct customer connections, check out the following tips:

Customers are tired of pointless rebranding. How to deliver customer-based brand equity

With industry giants like Google and Verizon jumping on the rebranding bandwagon, the question is: Does rebranding ever deliver value? Do customers care? In an era where technology can be easily copied, your brand has become more important to differentiating your products from those of your competitors. The Google brand, for example, is worth an estimated $65.6 billion, according to Forbes. Yet Google’s rebrand is mainly a reflection of internal restructuring and the new logo an example of the sort of bland redesign that probably cost hundreds of thousands but left customers wondering: Why did they bother? Yet it is possible to develop brands in a customer-focused way that inspires lasting partiality both among current and future customers.

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Flying colors of your business

Guest post by Logan R. Grayson Whether or not your business will become successful is determined by numerous factors, many of which are outside your control. But business owners and managers can still do a lot to give their businesses a better chance to prosper. One of those decisions is choosing the range of colors […]