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Branding Strategy: How Can Brand Image Outsell Brand Identity

Guest post by Donna Estrada: Every company needs to have a brand that helps them to be remembered by the target audience. Your brand is one of the aspects that makes you different from companies that compete with you. There are two types of branding strategy: brand image and brand identity. The difference between these two […]

Why More B2B Marketers Are Choosing SMS Marketing to Engage with Customers

Guest post by Danish Wadhwa: As more purchases are being driven by trusted rankings, reviews and recommendations, businesses have identified engaging with customers as key to achieving organizational goals. At present, there are various mediums that can drive customer engagement and loyalty, such as email marketing and social media. However, the one communication channel which […]

Top Trends for Web Push Notifications

Guest post by Christina Alex: Forcing your users to download an application just so that you can send a notification to promote your brand is becoming a thing of the past. The current E-commerce marketing craze is to send a browser-enabled web push notification. Why is it currently trending? Well, mainly because these are sent from […]

How social media is disrupting the news industry & how product marketers should react

The trend for consumers to co-create news content is disrupting the news publishing industry. Instead of seeing it as a threat, marketers in the publishing industry ought to strategically embrace social technologies and explore their potential for current and future news production.

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How to Use Mobile Marketing to Connect with Customers

Bad news: Today’s customer is constantly on the move, which creates new marketing challenges. Good news: Today’s on-the-go customer is always reachable! If you’re considering a new way to generate direct customer connections, check out the following tips:

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From marketing automation to the phone call that seals the deal

Guest post by Luke Rees: In this “always-on” digital age, where we spend more time on the internet than we do sleeping, it’s easy for us as marketers to get swept along by the “always on” culture, trapped in a frame of mind which says that customer interactions only happen online. It’s true that the […]