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Marketing Opt-ins 101: Why Are They Good for Business?

Guest post by Catherine vanVonno:

What makes people subscribe to one newsletter while marking another as spam? How do some marketers close a sale while others just encounter prospects who hang up? The contributing factors could be as common as lack of interest and ineffective sales pitching or as specific as a prospect’s personal circumstances. Yet, marketing opt-ins could play an important role in spelling the difference between a sale and a miss.

Why More B2B Marketers Are Choosing SMS Marketing to Engage with Customers

Guest post by Danish Wadhwa: As more purchases are being driven by trusted rankings, reviews and recommendations, businesses have identified engaging with customers as key to achieving organizational goals. At present, there are various mediums that can drive customer engagement and loyalty, such as email marketing and social media. However, the one communication channel which […]

10 Things B2B Marketers Should Know About the New EU Data Protection Regulations #emailmarketing

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was agreed in January 2016, will change the face of B2B marketing: From ad IDs and cookies to email data sourcing, IP addresses and opt-in based permission marketing, this article outlines how marketing will change in the next two years. Guest post by Rob Diggle: “Data is […]

Do You Know the Best Times to Send Email Campaigns?

Well thought-out email marketing campaigns deliver the biggest benefit, especially when compared with more conventional forms of marketing, such as trade shows and advertising. Email marketing is known to drive improvements in return on investment and metrics pertaining to customer engagement, but in order to reap the benefits, expert email marketers need to figure out what to send, who to send it to, and when to send it. This post focuses on the best times to send email marketing campaigns for maximum impact. Read on to find out:
1) The best time to send event related emails
2) The best time to send out a generic email
3) The best mails to send out at weekends
4) The best emails to send out during night time
5) What to include in mid-week and mid-day emails