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Do’s and Don’ts of Promotional Competitions

If you scrolled through your social media newsfeeds today, you will probably have come across some sort of promotional competition. From road trips to granola, performance-enhancing Christmas hampers to formal dresses, the internet is rife with companies giving away free products and services in return for precious likes, follows and general publicity. It’s a common […]

Tips for Leading More Successful Marketing Campaigns

One of the toughest tasks for marketing managers is going through the process of leading a marketing campaign. There is a popular saying that ‘to succeed, you must fail first’ – but in the world of business, getting the chance to recover from a failure is quite rare. To ensure you don’t face failure, take a look at these tips, which will help you lead more successful marketing campaigns.

Four Creative Ways to Market Your Business On A Budget:From Merchandise to Social Media

What is a good way of promoting your business on a limited budget? Here are some low-cost and effective ways to advertise your business and attract customers.